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Description: Tumeric - Madras

Heirloom named after the town of 'Madras' in India where it was largely traded from.  It was the preferred choice by early English colonists as it had less flavour (yet still with the intense colour) than regular varieties.  The preferred choice when a bright yellow colour is desired eg. pickles.  Perennial & part of the ginger family.  Tuber with thick brown skin & yellow/orange flesh.  Has a cucurmin content of approx. 3.5%.  

Able to be grown in all light-frost & frost-free areas of Australia. Roots reach maturity 9-10 months after planting & may be dug whole or 'bandicooted' as needed.  Best harvested after plant dies down in Late Autumn / Early Winter. To make turmeric powder, simply boil & peel roots, dehydrate & process in blender to form a powder.  High yields.