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Walking Onion NEW


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Description: Known botanically as Allium x proliferum, Walking Onions are a genetic cross between common onions (Allium cepa) and Welsh onions (Allium fistulosum), and they share many of the characteristics you'd expect from combining these two esteemed culinary varieties.

Also known as tree onions, Egyptian onions and topsetting onions, walking onions earned their common name through the plants' unique way of spreading around the garden.

Although technically a biennial which takes two years to complete a life cycle, walking onions are best treated as a perennial, as a single sowing can lead to a lifelong supply. As the plant matures, miniature bulbs called bulbils form inside the flowers, and if left to their own devices they'll grow and arch down to the ground. Where they touch the earth, roots will form, and a new plant will develop.

This habit makes the plants appear to ‘walk’ across the veggie patch, covering it within a few seasons. The ease with which the onions reproduce has made them a popular onion variety for gardeners who practice permaculture.