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Banksia ericifolia


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Description: Banksia ericifolia (Heath-leaved Banksia) is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful banksias in Australia, with its large striking spikes of yellow to reddish-orange flowers contrasted with small, linear, light-green to greyish-green leaves. Not only is it the most colourful of the eastern Banksia species when in flower, it is also one of the best plants for attracting honey-eating birds and makes an interesting addition to any garden of Australian character.

Size: 2-7m Tall / 1-2.5m Wide  

Edible: No

Medicinal: No

Pollinator: Yes, lots of flowers, Red / Orange in colour. 

Nitrogen / Biomass: No.

Timber: No.

Deciduous: Evergreen, non-deciduous.

Native Distribution: Australia, Central and Northern NSW.