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Banksia robur


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Description: Banksia robur, the swamp banksia, is a dramatic looking banksia with large serrated leaves. The new growth has a felty coating of brown hairs, which is an attractive feature. It naturally occurs in damp areas on sandy soils, but is very adaptable to a wide range of conditions and soils. It needs full sun for best flowering, but will grow in part shade. The flowers are bluish green, and turn yellow green as the flower ages. It is hardy to frosts once established, but may need protection from frosts when young. It is a fast growing plant. Like all banksias, it is phosphorus sensitive, so a good native fertiliser is best when it comes to feeding time.

Size: 1-2m Tall / 1-2m Wide 

Edible: No

Medicinal: No

Pollinator: Yes, lots of flowers in Autumn / Winter.

Nitrogen / Biomass: Does not fix Nitrogen but can be used as a biomass accumulator for chop and drop.

Timber: No.

Deciduous: Evergreen, non-deciduous.

Native Distribution: Australia, from Cooktown QLD, down to Illawarra NSW.