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Honey Myrtle - Melaleuca Armillaris


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Description: Melaleuca Armillaris, commonly known as Bracelet Honey Myrtle ranges from a large shrub to a small weeping tree growing to 8 m in height. It has rough, grey fibrous bark, distinctive decumbent branching and dense foliage. The flowers are white, sometimes cream-coloured, rarely pink, and are arranged in cylindrical spikes on the sides of branches, often on older wood. The flowering season is mostly spring to early summer and is followed by fruit which are woody capsules.

Size: 6-8m Tall / 6-7m Wide 

Edible: No

Medicinal: No

Pollinator: Yes, lots of flowers in October to January.

Nitrogen / Biomass: Does not fix Nitrogen but can be used as a biomass accumulator for chop and drop.

Timber: No.

Deciduous: Evergreen, non-deciduous.

Native Distribution: SA, TAS, and VIC