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Ironbark - Eucalyptus crebra


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Description: An erect tree with hard deeply furrowed black persistent bark and narrowed drooping leaves. One of the important commercial timbers of Qld with hard reddish durable timber used for heavy construction. A slower growing eucalypt.

Size: 35m Tall / 15m Wide 

Edible: No

Medicinal: No

Pollinator: Yes, many flowers in Winter. 

Nitrogen / Biomass: Does not fix Nitrogen but great as a biomass accumulator for chop and drop.

Other Uses: Mainly used for its timber, great hard wood, often used for split fence posts. 

Deciduous: Evergreen, non-deciduous.

Native Distribution: Eastern Australia, from just south of Sydney near Bargo in New South Wales, north to near the Moreton Telegraph Station on Cape York Peninsula in far north Queensland.