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Ivory Curl Tree - Buckinghamia celsissima


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Description: This is a stunning plant in cultivation where it grows into a spectacular flowering medium to large shrub or small tree. In the wild in the rainforests of north Queensland it can grow into a small to medium sized tree but it rarely grows beyond shrub dimensions in cultivation, particularly in cooler climates such as Melbourne. It flowers in autumn, with the long creamy flowerheads often completely hiding the dark green glossy foliage. It makes a wonderful feature plant and should be trimmed back behind the spent flowers.

Size: 8-25m Tall / 2-4m Wide 

Edible: No

Medicinal: No

Pollinator: Yes, lots of flowers in late Summer through to Autumn.

Nitrogen / Biomass: Does not fix Nitrogen but can be used as a biomass accumulator for chop and drop.

Other Uses: Erosion control, honey producing. 

Deciduous: Evergreen, non-deciduous.

Native Distribution: Northeastern Queensland from near Rossville to the Paluma Range, north of Townsville, at altitudes from 200 m (660 ft) to 1,000 m (3,280 ft).