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River Sheoak - Casuarina cunninghamiana


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Description: Casuarina cunninghamiana (river sheoak) is a large tree growing up to 20 metres high and a spread of up to 10 metres, flowers are a reddish brown which form into a small round cone about 1cm in diameter. Useful for soil retention and erosion control. Its tendency to sucker makes it a good tree to plant along river banks or waterways. Timber makes and excellent firewood as well as a craft wood.

Size:  20m Tall / 10m Wide  

Edible: Yes, the seeds are used for food by crushing them into a paste, grubs found boring in the tree are another source of food. Important food source for many birds and other wildlife. 

Pollinator: Yes, many flowers in Autumn. 

Nitrogen / Biomass: Nitrogen Fixer and can be used as a biomass accumulator for chop and drop.

Other Uses: Great for fire wood, cones are also a good burning material. 

Deciduous: Evergreen, non-deciduous.

Native DistributionEastern half of NSW. Also in eastern Qld. along permanent freshwater streams.